Wednesday, May 12

Capsule Apartments

This is ridiculous.

"Tiny rooms, called 'capsules', which measure just 7ft 10in long, 6ft 6in tall and 4ft wide, are being offered on the outskirts of Beijing" -- for the bargain price of something akin to $35/month. Here's the link a to a news story about it.

Oh I don't know if I could do it. As appealing as it sounds to just get rid of EVERYTHING for a simple & peaceful existence, my heart starts to ache thinking about all of my shoes that wouldn't even fit in this container.

This reminded me of the Capsule Hotels you read about in Japan...

Mad efficientI checked out the website for one of these hotels, and these pods come with tons of free stuff too...


Yukata-like robe, 2 tooth brushes and 2 towels provided in each locker

Hair Dryer Sexy

TV in each capsule unit - Local and Satellite channels

Also free PC use & free Internet! And the bathrooms look super clean, and the computer lounge is all space-age-y.

What's not to love about this idea? LOL

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  1. I like it!! Only for one person