Wednesday, May 12


OLTL IS SNOOP APPROVED.I need to talk about One Life To Live.
So humor me.

OMG, the show is getting SOOO good.

If watching soap operas didn't have such a stigma, this would be the show I'd tell people to Season Pass on the their Tivo.
OK, so where to begin...

Hannah -- what a BEE I TEE CEE EIGHTCH. Yeah, go ahead, spell it out. I just wanted to smack that cocky look right off her face when she was in Todd's hospital room. I was sorta hoping he'd demonstrate that he couldn't have pushed stupid Marty Saybrook down the stairs, because then Marty'd be dead too. (And then, like demonstrate. Get it?) Teenage sex = Pregnant mom.  But they rolled with it.

Starr bringing the smackdown!!! I've never loved Starr before. At first when Todd begged her to believe him at the high school, I was like, UGH, WHAT A PUSHOVER! But she gets it! Of course she does, she's Todd's daughter, for godssakes.

Oh, for godssakes Jessica.  You're not 16.  You were aged through Soap-Opera-Rapid-Aging-Syndrome so you're not allowed to conveniently have amnesia that goes back to years that didn't even happen.  It's dumb.  Act your age.Jessica's high school amnesia -- getting SO STUPID. STUPIDER every day in fact. But of course we know she will come to her senses and be normal again when Brody and Natalie accidentally fall in bed. Because you can see that coming from a mile away.

Why is Morasco Fiasco #1 still in the opening credits? Isn't Stacey like dead for real?

Requisite HOT Brody pic.  No of course, he could've answered the phone with his shirt ON, but then we'd probably stop watching the show.
Blair & Tea. Wow, the scenes are so good. The confrontation at La BooooooLay were ridiculous. I was like, ok, smells like an Emmy reel right there, both were so good.

Blair & Tea.  Now BFF's and just in time for May Sweeps.Marty Saybrook. Uck. Don't like. So pathetic. I can't even feel bad for her. I was finally just getting over all the ick I felt about her from the Rape-mance debacle of 2008. John is also really annoying me too. He needs to figure out the Hannah stuff asap. I only like John when he's not being the dumbest cop on the force.

OK. Phew I feel a little better getting that all out.

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