Thursday, May 13

Solving Problems You Didn't Even Know You Had

I LOVE looking at catalogs, especially the kind with random knick-knacks.

One of my favorites is this particularly high-quality collection of well-made products, products made to solve life's everyday problems. Even the problems SO SMALL you didn't even know it was a problem.

I would like today to share just a few of my fave picks, prompted by an item I thought that Matt Sneed & wife will love... The Refrigerator Jail.

I love how plastic deters food crimes.

If you've read his "Ice Cream Gate" blog, then you will know why a Fridge Locker might come in handy at Chez Sneed.

Maybe you too have territory disputes in your fridge that need a fair solution. This product is for you.

+ + + + + +

I have always been bothered that society has achieved many things -- Internet, sliced bread, Sudoku... and yet we haven't resolved the biggest problems that plagues segments of every society -- like the inability to lift & pour a plastic 2-liter of soda.

Pffft. Now a thing of the PAST:

+ + + + + +

Sometimes if I get coffee to go, and don't have time to prepare it, I later find that the sweetener packets are all wrinkly and scuffed. That really ticks me off. They're so UGLY and I don't want to use them. You know how looks matter, etc. But now, my sugar & Splenda & the pink stuff can all ride in high style:

Ooh, those sugar packets sure look CRISP and NEAT!

Now, if only I had a stainless steel case for my creamer, too.

Now my creamer will be DESTROYED!  What ever will I do?


  1. lots of invention these days.!.!>>>

  2. sikwate ug puto will do ha he hee