Tuesday, April 13

The Ultimate Romantic Comedy

All this talk this morning of the worst & best of romantic comedies got me thinking...

I know which Romantic Comedies I absolutely love... and they seem to have a recurring theme...
A very small handful of the same actors & actresses!

So imagine, if you will, ONE romantic comedy movie with all of them in it...

(And even if I hate the rom-coms that Hugh Jackman's been in, his blatant sex-appeal has managed to surpass my rules here)

For that, I might actually pay the money to go into a theater, instead of watching a download with people constanly walking in front of the screen.

Who'd be in your Ultimate Romantic Comedy?
(And please don't say Meg Ryan and/or Tom Hanks - they're both past their time.)


  1. HITCHED is by far one of my favs!!

  2. Love How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days... Kate Hudson and Matthew were so good together! Even if they were not in Fool's Gold.. haha