Thursday, April 1

I'm Engaged!

PLING!!!!  That's the sound that CZ bling makes.

Hahahah .... no I'm not.

Just wanted to share my side of today's prank that went on here at PST.

Several weeks ago, I told Chris Rollins I met a guy on my trip. Slowly (apparently a little TOO slowly) I just kept building up to the fact that this guy (who was rich, lived in Miami, flew everywhere for business) and I were embarking on some ridiculous whirlwind romance.

He visited over the wknd. But then he had to jet off to LA for work on Monday morning.

Yesterday, he sent a dozen roses here to me at work...

...with the sweetest little note...


Art Vandelay, everybody.OK... so his name is Art Vandelay. He's in the import/export business, and he's an architect.


Anyone who watches Seinfeld knows that I'm referring to George Costanza's alter ego. But Chris Rollins doesn't watch Seinfeld!

So today, I showed her my amazing (fake) ring...

PPPLLLLLINGGGG!!!! :::sparkle sparkle:::... and... NOTHING.

No reaction.

Turns out Chris wasn't feeling well. She was on the phone with the doctor, and apologizing that she wasn't that excited for me. She looked ill and said she'd been sick all morning.

She even ran out of the room to run to the bathroom.

... And the she ran back in and screamed, "GOTCHA!"

Turns out... CHRIS KNEW THE WHOLE TIME! She faked this whole horrible stomach thing, and apparently had been on to me for a while!

So everytime I gushed about my rich, talented, importing/exporting romantic new beau, she was secretly laughing at me behind my back!

Allow me to say it now: Chris Rollins is quite a worthy adversary.

I was totally NOT expecting the Reverse Prank. I was suspicious, but decided not to work on my Reverse Reverse Prank because I didn't believe that I'd got made. So she earned the Art Vandelay roses...

Bravo, Chris Rollins. Brav-fricking-OH!

Anatomy of a Prank: A look behind the Prank

Everything you need to know about the importing/exporting wiz Art Vandelay is on this clip from Seinfeld

Special thanks to my pals Jeff! & Hawaii Margarette for helping me set up breadcrumbs. He allowed his listing in my cell phone from "Jeff!" to "Artie Van de Laix" (I made my Art be from a rich French family) and leave a trail of mushy texts to my phone. Hawaii Margarette let me call her and say corny sweet nothings to her on the phone while Chris was in the room. In Hawaii M's words, "Tone, you're really grossing me out talking to me this way."

Big ups to Night Show's Shinn & Traffic's Wendy McClure for helping lend an air of credibility to the scam with their "ooh"ing and "aah"ing over my "big news" over Facebook.

Muchas gracias to Lydia in Sales... she was my main cheerleader even when I was feeling TERRIBLE about lying to Chris Rollins, and made the beautiful flowers arrive...

They help send smiles ... and help stage elaborate April Fool's Day pranks!!

and last but NOT AT ALL least...

Thanks to them for providing such a beautiful prop to my scam. Only an Art Vandelay or (Artie Van de Laix) would attempt to woo a gal with only the best, so of course he went online to --- and if he really did jet back from LA to surprise me, he would've stopped at either of their locations at the Yardley Town Center or at Princeton Forrestal Village.

Oh. And one last thing. Newman & Dave? Yeah, thanks for nothing, guys. :)

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