Monday, April 5

North Jersey or South Jersey --- go ahead, duke it out.

It's a tee-shirt!This argument never gets old.

Phillies or Yankees?

Sub or Hoagie?

Jimmies or sprinkles?

Jim Gardner or Chuck Scarborough?

Wawa or 7-Eleven?

Giants or Eagles?

So, go ahead, feel free to argue amongst yourselves. I've got my own battles to deal with, namely:
What is Central Jersey?

More shirts!  Gotta love it!!Frankly, Middlesex County is "Central Jersey", period. Because I grew up in Middlesex County, and this is what it is always was, is, and forever shall be. I've already gotten plenty of crap on this subject, so feel free, pile it on.

Just because Mercer County is in the middle of the state doesn't make it "Central Jersey" ... it is SORT OF Central Jersey. Sort of. Central Jersey is a state of mind... and Mercer and Monmouth are definitely not Middlesex. Or Somerset.

Wah, this subject gets me worked up! And if it bugs you too, then you know you are from Jersey and allowed to participate in this debate!!

Bring it on!!


  1. Alright, so if Mercer and Monmouth aren't central Jersey, then what are they? Because right now it seems like they're the awkward step child that no one really likes: they're not Central or South Jersey, and it's geographically impossible for them to be North Jersey. So we're... West Jersey? Or just an extension of Pennsylvania? I want an explanation!! =)

  2. Mercer and Monmouth are both more "central" than Middlesex. How can central Jersey be a state of mind? Explain this...

  3. This subject gets me worked up too! Monmouth IS Central Jersey, and even though Mercer is centrally located in the state, I think of it as South Jersey because it is so close to PA and it just acts like the South and mainly because it's Eagles/Phillies territory. I would say that Middlesex, Somerset, and Hunterdon counties are the northern part of Central Jersey while Monmouth and Mercer are the southern part of Central Jersey - but definitely not the south!! (at least no Monmouth - I don't like Mercer, in my "mind set" it's really South Jersey). I also have a theory that everyone in Jersey no matter where they live in the state think that anyone that lives geographically below them lives in South Jersey, Toni, it seems that you think this because Monmouth and Mercer is below Middlesex and Somerset and you lived there so Monmouth and Mercer are South Jersey to you. I live in Monmouth and I think this way too, but I also think that in general the line between Central and South Jersey is between Mercer/Burlington and Monmouth/Ocean. Central Jersey DOES exist and it's the best of both worlds. The North and South are both extremes and Central Jersey is the perfect mix of both!

  4. There is definitely a Central Jersey... North Jersey is influenced by NYC and South Jersey is influenced by Philly.. Central Jersey is sort of where it all blends together (we have 7 elevens and Wawas!) I consider it Monmouth, Middlesex, some parts of Mercer, and the Northern part of Ocean.
    I grew up in the Jackson/Howell/Freehold area and we considered it Central Jersey. Yet when I went to college (rutgers) my northern friends used to say I was from down south jersey. It would drive me crazy.

  5. Central Jersey can be classified as a place where residents like the Yanks, Mets, and Phillies, where sprinkles and jimmies are both accepted, and wawas and 7-elevens are both prevalent.

    In my experience, this is Middlesex, Mercer, and Monmouth counties

  6. North Jersey people don't know what Mummers are...and they have no idea what the Mummers Day Parade is and when you try to sxplain it to them, they just look at you funny. It's hillarious; that's usually how I tell if somebody is from North or South Jersey.