Monday, April 5

The Kate Gosselin Blog

Hi I'm Kate.  And I'm pretty freaking awesome.  Look at me!  Now I blog, too!Hahahah ... so...

I love Kate Gosselin.

And I don't care what anyone thinks.

I don't think she's a great this or a terrible that, I just totally enjoy everything about her. Mostly the kids, but she by herself is so fascinating and entertaining to me.

Let me put it this way. Even Kate Gosselin's puke would interest me.

And now....

Hi, I'm Kate Gosselin's Blog.  Click on me!  I know you wanna!
Kate's Take Yes!!! A Kate Gosselin BLOG!

Here's what her kids say about her on DWTS: "They comment on my sparkly dress up, their favorite part of the routine, and how 'boot-I-ful' (that's beautiful in Joel language for all of those who are wondering) I look."

Or: " I’m still in shock that, I, Kate Gosselin, am learning to dance ... and then performing for 24-million live viewers. "

HAH! Yeah, I'd be freaked out too, lady!

In fact that's why I like Kate and her blog! Coz she gets to face the Yucky, and I get to sit back and watch. Do I ever wonder what it's like to have sextuplets? No, not anymore. Do I think about what my life would be like if I married a lazy SOB? Nah, it looks like it sucks. And most importantly, would I ever freak out if I had to do the Paso Doble on national TV? Probably!


  1. i love kate too.

  2. I actually thought she could be super annoying with Jon on "Jon and Kate Plus 8," but then I realized that she kind of had to be, because otherwise, he would be a complete mess...which he now is, since he is no longer with her and no longer has someone keeping him in line and functioning as an adult (mid-life crisis doesn't even begin to describe a 32 year old who keeps complaining about getting married and having kids in his 20s; hello, those were choices you made, get over it!). I do think that fame is kind of getting to her head at this point, but she does handle a LOT in her life. She can still be annoying, but she's not as bad without Jon around.