Wednesday, April 14

Britney Minus Photoshop

Go Brit!

Britney Spears just released original photos from pics that got Photoshopped to the max...

Which is a shame, bc without the touchup, she still looks pretty fantastic... but with all the work, two things spring to mind:

1) Wow, amazing what you can do with the right programs and a steady hand on the mouse

2) Britney's touched-up limbs make her look like a FemmeBot.


  1. this right here is why so many girls have appearance issues, are self conscious, etc... these days!! They touch these photos up to make her look like a twig!! They should show her as she is, because I agree she looks pretty damn good... especially taking into consideration that she's birthed two children!! The funny thing is that i'm a dancer as well and you can tell by looking at the retouched photo that it's fake. There is no way in hell that someone who has danced as long as she has would have calves and thighs that skinny lol... definitely alot of muscle missing there!

  2. I think she looks great without the touch ups!

  3. She definitely still looks amazing, but wow look at the work they do! They totally don't even look like her legs.... no wonder everyone thinks they have to look perfect. Love this blog Toni. GJ!