Thursday, April 15

Lost: The Final Stretch... did you watch the other night?

Ugh, I just want to give up NOW!  It's all the stress of knowing my head will likely explode during the series finaleSometimes after watching an episode of Lost, I'm afraid to go here...

...this place where I start googling theories and trying to get answers to questions... because I liken it to going down an Internet rabbit hole that seems to take hours to climb out of, and another few hours for the migraine to wear off.

But I'll just use this post as a starting point, so if there's something you wanna share, feel free.

So, here's what I think happened at the end of the last episode...

don't even say I didn't warn you.

What are we doing at the well, brutha? ... Y'know when Fairy Godmother Desmond decided to aim his car straight towards Sideways Handicapped Locke and plow right over man & wheelchair alike? ...

OK, ya ready?

Before that scene... the last time you see Desmond & Locke together in a scene...

It's when Smoke Monster Locke is tossing the now cool-as-ice-"I ain't afraid of you!" Desmond into the well.

I think Desmond is sitting at the bottom of said well, going, "Oh no he di'int!" ... then time-travelling himself into the Sideways world...

...and it is that same Desmond who is now behind the wheel, with his foot on the pedal, thinking, "No you di'int just push me down a well, you %$#^!&* &## &##er!!!! BRUTHA THIS!!!"

And isn't it possible that in that episode when Desmond was jumping all over the place (when we first discovered he had this skill way way back) ... isn't it possible that he had always been travelling to the Sideways world? Which is why Eloise knows him and about his 'ability'?

And isn't it also weird that it looks like Desmond is actually being the key to this whole thing? I mean, I knew he had a skill that was important, but it never occurred to me that this could be all about him being the hero... isn't that a possibility?

UGH, ok, it's starting... gotta log off... gotta log off...

OK, your turn. Whatcha think?

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  1. I know it's crazy. I don't go on the the blog sites and read about what other people think buy my fiance does and fills me in before the next episode. I think Desmond is jumping because he know he can. But if he's jumping than shouldn't he know Eloise from when she was selling him the engagement ring a few seasons back?