Thursday, March 4

The sun also rises... somewhere over Virginia (or could be North Carolina)

I am actually flying today w a single piece of carryon: my purse.

It's a nice change of pace!!! I even ignored all the boarding msgs and boarded dead last... Just coz I could! I was listening as the gate staff started saying "we're out of overhead room, we're gonna have to check in all these rollaways" --- and this was when they were only halfway down the line. I sure as heck was relieved I didn't need overhead space!

Except I kinda felt like I was doing a walk of shame... As I walked down the aisle past filled seats of passengers waiting for me to sit my ass down already... And realized... I was in the absolute last row... Window seat! Luckily I was sharing this row for three w one nice lady who was happy to get up to let me thru.
Also got this sweet pic of the sunrise. :)
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