Tuesday, March 2

Cozumel, anyone?

If you know anything about Cozumel that might be useful for someone who may be in town for a few hours, and just wants a decent beach experience without getting swindled, harassed, or suffocated, please chime in.

HAhaha... how'd you know I meant ME?!

I signed up for a weekend cruise -- coz that's what we fun single people do, jetset everywhere, whoopin' it up, traipsing around the world at a moment's notice. [crickets] Haha, not. -- and fortunately we've got one day in Cozumel. Never been. And for the little amount of time we've got, all I want after the winter we've had (and continue to have!) is just a little time sitting on a quiet, sandy beach, and hopefully get ... wait for it... A SUNTAN!

I'm not asking for a lot, right?? Just a freaking SUNTAN!

Just need a place that's a not-too-expensive cab ride away from the port, don't need food or drinks or fancy water activities. I've got my bottled water, towels, and book, so I'm all set.

Any suggestions?

Found this "interactive" Cozumel beach map online, so if this helps jog your memory...

Cozumel beaches open to the public!Beaches close to townSnorkelingPlaya CoronaPlaya UvasMexican StyleNewest BeachFirst Beach
Water ToysPlaya SolPlaya PalancarLocals beachPlaya Bush
San MartinCozumel beaches: Chin RioPunta MorenaPlaya OrientePlaya BonitaPlaya XhanaPunta MolasCozumel Mexico's Southernmost lighthouse.Best Seafood Platter.Locals favorite.


  1. We were just there in August. I don't know too much about the beaches, we went swimming with the dolphins. Coolest experience ever! Be careful leaving the shopping area without a tour group. A lot of poverty outside the shopping village and the police are everywhere, but not in a good sense. They don't bother tour groups, but individuals could get into trouble real easy. You want sun and water, stay on the cruise ship! Beaches are beautiful, don't get me wrong, but stay with a group and near the ship.

  2. Donna - thanks for the head's up -- that's the kind of info I was looking for!

  3. Ugh, I got horribly sick in Cozumel. Avoid even bagged ice and any produce.

  4. eek! I hadn't thought of that! ok, i guess no fun icy cocktails for me! i prob won't drink, but i was already envisioning ice cold coronas. hopefully it will be HOT enough to warrant a bucket of beers on the beach! thanks for the tip!