Thursday, March 4

Hey who gets THESE seats???


In charlotte airport now. Woulda stopped to rock n roll in these bad boys, but I was busy being the jerk planted on the moving sidewalk typing on their blackberry (see previous blog entry)

Actually, when I was doing "walk of shame" (again see previous) there were two empty rows around the emerg exits. Now what is the deal with those? Don't u need to be like some massive person of strength to be allowed to be the official gatekeepers to potential safety??

I imagine when attempting to book these seats u have to be prepared to show ur presidential award for physical fitness (extra points if yours is signed by ronald reagan)

I'm surprised they were empty - don't u get extra legroom?? Does no one want the responsibilty? Truth is, there was one guy that was seated, burly n surly type and I did think to myself "do I trust him to manage the latch and the bouncy stairs in a timely efficient manner all by himself?!". I'd offer to do it, but if other people judge the emerg row folks like I just did, I'd be toast: "what's that shorty gonna do? Kick that thing out with her suede platform wedge shoes?? Wow, them's nice shoes though. "

Yeah, I'm not to be trusted. And yeah, I'm also wearing platform wedge heels, so what's it to u?!

Bc without them I can't reach the overhead bin! So I'm certainly not worthy of extra legroom emerg row seating. Boo, I'd love to be emerg row seat captain prob coz i never got to be a safety patrol on the bus at school. (Also never got one of them nice certificates from Ronnie Reagan; that's another story). But this is also why the short girl is also the girl with no carryon - I couldn't reach any of the places where I could put my stuff. Smartypants w no carryon, that's me!

But yes, being short not only means denial of ever being Emergency Row Captain, but aches + pains that go with wearing said platform heels. They're awesome, but yes my back is sore.

Hey where did those rocking chairs go????
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