Monday, March 1

Not a fan of March.

I'll show you March Madness.  Man, I hate this month.Out of the twelve, March is up there as one of my least favorite months.

I've got a lot of birthdays to remember in March -- and while other people would see that as something pleasant about March, to me it reads as "glass half empty". A lot of them are close friends or family, which takes out a hefty chunk of my gift giving budget (if I actually had one). It is actually tied with December as an expensive month for me.

Traditionally, March also tends to be a busy month in general. Granted one of them 31-day deals, but this March, we've got Daylight Savings, St. Patrick's Day, first day of Spring, Passover, Palm Sunday.... All calendars are already cluttered with pre-printed events for March before I've even had a chance to write in some of my own!!

And for the most part, a lot of March's events will accompany plenty of drinking. The obvious, of course, St. Patty's Day. Ides of March. That drinkfest Palm Sunday. March Madness. Yes, I also plan on toasting to Daylight Savings, and you might not have this on your calendar, but I also plan on getting my drink on during my annual "Look for receipts to send to my tax guy" Day. (That reminds me, have to write in all my hangover recovery days, too.)

And "snow in March" is not an unheard-of phenonmenon. It could so happen. Nature doesn't suddenly run out of inventory at the snow store.

Finally, the thing I like LEAST about March is that it happens right after February. Aah, February. A short little number of a month, full of so many fake holidays, long weekends, and (as was the good fortune this year) full of snowy days that made it impossible to do anything. February is hands-down the easiest month of the year. So to have it followed by the longest 31 days of sheer busy-ness?

Yes, I dread March.

So March, come right on in. Like a lion, or whatever it is you do. Then hurry and up and do your thing already; don't let the door hit your lamb butt on the way out. I'm counting down the (31) days til April showers roll in... coz at least April means April Fools Day, tax refund money, and of course spring flowers.

And on behalf of all humanity, I refuse to accept "snow in April". Not gonna happen. Not gonn' do it. Nope.

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