Wednesday, February 24

It's a Facebook Group Invite: "Oops! I Forgot to Tell You I Have a Kid" and other great titles

I'm a recovering soap addict.

Which is unfortunate that I voluntarily started watching One Life To Live again because I knew I'd get hooked, and now a year has gone by and I'm still watching. I like to consider it the way I keep my nasty habit in check. I only allow myself this one indulgence.

Anyhoo, came across this funny compilation on "Oops! I Forgot to Tell You I Have a Kid"

Hahhahaah, just classic. Even funnier, wouldn't it make a great title for yet another Facebook group?

Some of the group names I've come across are so ridiculous. Like obscure, or wordy, or random, and/or all of the above. Started thinking of a few names myself that are destined to make it to 1,000,000 members one of these days!

* Petition to get Betty White as the next Bachelorette

* Avatar is this generation's "Ishtar"

* Don't piss me off or I might SlapChop TM you!

oh Vince, Vince, Vince.  What can I say.  You are, after all, making America skinny with chopped up tuna & veggies that we really didn't mind chopping with a knife.

* I always walk on the right side of the hallway

* Oprah Winfrey might as well admit she is a demi-god

* I bet Bruce Jenner's gold medals have more friends than Kourtney Kardashian's baby

* 1,000,000 people who don't return calls but tweet all day long!

* People who don't use the word "ironic" anymore since Alanis Morissette got us all confused

I love that people use steno pads all the time and most of us have no idea how it's actually supposed to be used

* I nearly died at Action Park

* Why do steno pads have that line running down the middle of the page?

* Avatar is this generation's "Gigli"

* I own a convection oven and have no clue how to even use it

* People who wish they had an 'S' in their name so they could spell it with a dollar sign instead

* Mexican Flag Day should be an American federal holiday

* Bring back the McDLT!

Feel free to add your own. I know you could think of plenty. I don't even know if I would join all those groups that I just made up.

But for the record, today is Flag Day in Mexico. So I'd definitely join that one. As long as I got today off.


  1. Oops I forgot to tell you I have a kid sounds like an awesome facebook group hahaha.

  2. Did I ever tell you that I have kids?