Monday, March 1

Meredith Vieira seems pretty damn cool

You saucy girl, Meredith.  LOVE IT.I want Meredith Vieira in my inner circle.

Not only does she seem like she'd be my one friend who actually follows current events (you always need one o' them), she'd have major access to some cool stuff, hot places, and A-list people. Hellllooo! Barbara Walters!!

Plus, add in the hysterical cougar incident from last year -- and if you have not witnessed said Cougar Incident of '09, this is absolutely required viewing -- and now we see the girl's also got a silly prankster sense of humor to boot.

Corny or no, she was picking on Kathie Lee Gifford, so she gets an immediate A+ in my book.

Here's the vid if the link below doesn't work:


  1. I'll take your Meredith Viera and raise you a Brian Williams. Brian Williams is secretly hilarious! Plus, he has an indie-music site called, "Bri-Tunes"

  2. yknow, I think we are at an impasse... bc I TOO respect the B-Will. Coulda cared less of his stellar ways of reporting world news... until he made a couple unforgettable cameos on 30 Rock. I fantasize about him & Bergeron now.