Wednesday, March 24

LOST: A To-Do List

So you wanna start watching LOST, do ya?I've decided it's time to start a list.

And the list is called, "Things That Need to Be Resolved in 7 Episodes or Less".

Thanks a lot, Lost. Last night, the Richard story was decent, started offering possible answers.

But here's the difference: there is "offering possible answers" and then there's "giving the answers".


I can't imagine that everything will get addressed by the itty bitty last on-screen moment, but I'm trying to have a little faith, so week after week I just keep holding my breath. It was such a long ride sticking with show, I can promise you I will NEVER go back to the beginning and start watching again, so please, please please, I beg of you, Lost, just make sure you give me all the answers this time 'round.

And I'm not just talking about the obvious WHERE, WHY, and WHAT THE... I'm also talking about the tons of mini-mysteries they hurtled at us for the last seven years.

Hence, my list. So I will start, feel free to add your own.

Things That Need to Be Resolved in 7 Episodes or Less
  1. The Polar Bear. C'mon. What?

  2. Is Juliet really dead?

  3. Will the news reporter who gets crushed to death in the Hurley episode turn out to be alive?

  4. What happened to Michael/Walter/Vincent?

  5. What did they keep in the cages on that one island?

  6. Why did they steal all the kids in the beginning of the show?

  7. What's the deal with the statue with four toes? Was that left over from a Simpson's live-action movie that never happened?

  8. If Hanso was the name of the captain of the slave ship, what the heck with "The Hanso Foundation" -- and what do they have to do with Dharma?

  9. Why does Richard wear so much eyeliner?

  10. Why does Marvin Candle (the Asian doctor) keep changing his name? And in the Sideways world, if Miles Strom getes to know his dad, is his last name now Candle?

  11. What is the point of baby Aaron? He's not one of the candidates.... unless the name SHEPARD on the wall is actually supposed to be Aaron?

  12. If Jacob brings people to the island, then why the massive electromagnet, or the button-pushing?
  13. Are Dharma-brand products sold at Sam's Club?

  14. Did Juliet's sister really beat cancer, or was that a Ben-lie?

  15. If Daniel Faraday is Elosie Hawkins son, who is Faraday's father? (Some guy named Faraday, obviously, but is it really Widmore maybe?)

  16. Will we ever see Paolo & Nikki again?

  17. What is the significance of infertility? I mean, electromagnetics'll do that to a womb, obviously, but why is it so important to the story that people even bothered to have kids on the island?

OK, so that's more than enough for now. How 'bout you? Feel free to add!


  1. Why does the stupidisland move through time?

    Why was the Doctor still alive on the Kahana but dead on shore of the stupidisland?

  2. 1: The polar bears were brought there by the Dharma initiative, so that they can do
    2: Sadly, I believe she is. Miles heard her speak to him, “it worked.”
    3: Why don’t I remember this part?? Lol!
    4: I want to know this, as well!
    5: I believe wild animals (polar bears, etc.), because they were doing experiments
    6: My guess to get more young people to join their crew, but I am hoping there is more to this.
    7: I think this is the Egyptian god of fertility. It sort of looks like a hippo with humanistic features, plus it would make sense given the fertility discussions in earlier episodes.
    8: I want to know this, as well!
    9: Ha-ha! I once read that Richard's character doesn't wear eyeliner. He naturally looks this way.
    10: I think the doctor kept changing his name to test/trick the candidates who had to man the hatches.
    11: Good question. Perhaps he is just an add-in to put together the whole fertility/Claire/Kate scenario.
    12: Excellent question!! For crying out loud they better answer this!!!
    13: LOL! Last time I checked, no. Perhaps we can make a request for them to start stocking these items.
    14: I think she really beat cancer…JMO.
    15: How funny you should mention that, because that was the same theory I had!
    16: Hopefully not, lol! (Hey did you know Paulo was played by the same actor who was the bad guy in 300!)
    17:I am not sure (see my answer for Q#7), but this better be answered before the series ends!

    18: Why is the island connected to Tanzania and Egypt?
    19: If what “dead” Julia said is true, and it worked…why are they still showing them on the island?
    20: Why was the island under water in that quick scene of the first episode of this season?
    21: Is there some religious undertone to this, or I imaging things…good, bad, chosen people, mediator between good and the people (Richard)?
    19: Who is really the good guy, Smoky or Jacob?
    20: Why are some of the characters brainwashed by Smoky, Claire/Sayid?
    22: Why did Jacob choose the people that he did?
    23: What is Whitmore’s obsession with the island?
    24: Why are the character’s lives intertwined in the new alternate reality?
    25: Are they in limbo to heaven or hades?
    26:What the heck is Smoky!!!! We know who he is, but WHAT is he/it?!?!?

    I am sure I have more questions, but that is all I could think of at the moment.

  3. Yeah, I've got some questions:

    How stupid did the "Dallas" writers think we were when they tried to pass off Season 7 as Pam’s dream?

    What made Donna Reed ever think she could fill the shoes of Barbara Bel Geddes?

    Did “Dallas” jump the shark after JR was shot?

    Why couldn’t Jock have stayed in the show, a la “Weekend At Bernies”?