Tuesday, February 2

So You Wanna Start Watching LOST...

I may not like Avatar, but I do like LOST.  It makes me believe that I'm sorta smart or something.... Well, today might not be the day to do it. Sorry to burst your bubble.

As with any show you intend on catching up with online or by DVD, once you get started, it is sometimes hard to stop. I mean, once where there was the cliffhanger, you can now just jump ahead to the next episode. Instead of suffering through the weeks of waiting between new episodes, or months until the next season, you can move on within seconds.

Except you won't wanna do that with LOST. And I'm not just saying that because I mean the show is so incredible it needs to be savored one episode by one in agonizingly slow portions.

It's just that attempting to watch all five seasons starting today and hopefully catching up to Season 6 at some point (which starts tonight)... well, it could be bad for you.

In fact, if you try to pull this off, I really believe your head will explode.

If these are the castaways you're looking forward to seeing, you're gonna be way disappointed.So, if you haven't started watching -- but you do plan on it -- my only advice to you is, "Don't rush". This is for your own safety. And do your best to avoid the media storm that will be everyone talking about how it ends when it finally does end.

HOWEVER... if you are a current fan, like myself, and are not ashamed to admit that despite your wealth of knowledge and general intelligence you sometimes cannot follow the plot, then have no fear for tonite.

Here is an awesomely concise, speedy, and occasionally funny eight minute recap of the last five seasons. It's a good refresher before tonight's big event.

Oh, and actually it's eight minutes and fifteen seconds. Yes, 8:15.

WAH -- I won't miss all the endless subtle hints that litter every episode.

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