Friday, March 26

Best TV Shows Ever

Don't worry I haven't lost my mind, it's just that I have so MANY favorites, by this afternoon I will have changed my mind.

21 Jump Street.

Hands down. Why?

'Coz Johnny Depp was SO hot.

OK, now your turn. And provide good reasons.


  1. 21 Jump Street was an awesome show. My sister was in love with Johnny Depp...she still is :) One of my all time favs is "Little House on the Praire" can you not love Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert?? I miss the older shows, now it's all reality tv.

  2. After giving this a LOT of thought (seriously, I haven't done any work since we got off the air yet, except try and decide my favorite show of all time) I have determined the best TV show ever to be LOST.

    Before people jump on me, I took many shows into consideration, but no other show has been this smart, theory-inducing and well-produced that I can remember. The acting is great (name one person on that show who isn't a really, really good actor.) So, yes, I think LOST is my favorite show of all time.

    Second: Garfield and Friends

  3. I completely agree with Newman (and that makes me a little nervous to be truthful, LOL!) LOST is the #1 show in my opinion. Its a very smart show and its one of the only shows that I have watched the entire series w/o missing a single episode. My #2 show that I watched the entire series was Buffy the Vampire Slayer... go ahead make fun!

  4. "Here Come The Brides"

    'Nuff said.