Thursday, March 25

Wade just cut a hole in my shirt

I've been having one of those annoying mornings. Annoying bc I had a tag on my shirt that was jabbing me in the neck. I just walked across the hall w a pair of scissors and told Wade, "just cut it all off, it's driving me crazy"

Snip snip. And then he laughs, going, "there's a hole in your shirt now"

Ha ha, I say.

Then I look down at the snipped tag and realize OMG HE REALLY DID CUT A HOLE IN MY SHIRT!!!

Thanks a lot dude. And yes, if u couldn't figure it out, I'm wearing red today.

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  1. Thats terrible!!!! He should buy you a knew one!

  2. anonymous, i was thinking the EXACT same thing. but then i thought, ok so he buys me a new shirt. will i feel better? probably not.

    but... if he buys me a new car, a new laptop and kicks in some extra cash, AND a new shirt, maybe. just maybe.

  3. Toni... You should know that if we want something done right we ask another woman to do it!! LOL =)

  4. Well if it was wrong to worry about my friend's neck getting chaffed, then I am guilty. I'd rather be villafied then have that chaffed neck on MY conscience.


  5. wade, that is the mind-blowing response you were writing that you wouldn't let me see on the screen? i feel sorry for you, actually. let me buy YOU a shirt, ok bud?