Monday, March 29

I'm not usually this stupid

I'll admit it, I kind of consider myself a little bit of a nerd.

I understand technical stuff a little bit more than most people. My parents stuck me into computer classes when I was 7, and this is back when Commodores meant more than that band
that Lionel Richie was in. I could also program a VCR when it was still referred to as "the VHS player".

The cable/phone/internet service at home has been sketchy over the last few weeks. We have one of them there "package deals" the cable companies are all peddling around. Until a few weeks ago, everything had been zippity-doo-da, no complaints with this setup. Then... The Rainstorms From Hell. All three services were out for days at a time. It was a very difficult period at home -- I just wanted to get to work all the time just to get internet access. Yes. How desperate.

This weekend, it did it again. Except it was on and off. More off than on. And of course all the info I needed to call up the cable co (from my cell phone of course) was available online. Grrr.

So, this morning, get to work, look up their number, call them.

Sit on hold for a while... ............... ....

Service guy checks into it.......

And then he says, "There's no problem with service in your area..."


"... you should probably check the power on your modem. Maybe make sure it's plugged into the wall."


ME. Of all people. I was ready to re-route the router. Or reconfigure the config. Or webding the ding-dong. You know. The usual.

No. I should probably just turn it on and off.



  1. stuff like that happens to the best of us. we're not all computer geeks and understand everything.

  2. oh teri, if you could've just heard the childish tirade i was on this wknd over not having internet, and you woulda just laughed at the irony of it.

  3. Well I can tell you know what you're talking about cause most people look at you like you have three heads when you use words like router, reboot, or configure!! I know my way around technology and I will always go for a soft reboot when things get a little shottsy. It does happen to the best of us so hang in there Toni =)

  4. Ps. Is Wade Donna get you a new shirt or what???

  5. My fiance did the same thing a few weeks ago! He told me that something was wrong with the internet (he is unemployed right now, and looks for jobs all day when he's not taking care of our 8 month old daughter) and he figured it was just a glitch with Comcast and would fix itself in a few hours. When I got home that night, he said that the internet was still down. I asked him to call Comcast, which he did, and they walked him through a few steps...leading up to him checking the modem, which had become unplugged when he moved some furniture the day before!

    I think this is a lesson for everyone-check the modem first! :)