Monday, November 23

Coffee Served By Chicks In Bikinis?

Ummm.... I believe I ordered the LARGE... CUP...The place is called "Perky Cups".

High priced boutique coffee... served up by baristas wearing bikini tops. In Denver.

This concept didn't offend me so much at first, I guess it's kinda like Hooters-switch-out-the-beer-for-a-latte, with a smidge less clothing.

But then I watched this newsclip, and the creepy owner, slash "Chief Bikini Inspector" made me wanna hurl. Ew, wait, I think I actually just puked in my mouth a little right now.

Although, judging by this news footage... I'm gonna take a gander and say they only serve one cup size. And it's not a large.

Shame. That's not gonna be good for business.