Monday, November 23

Jenny Lopez got a boo boo on her bum. Anybody wanna kiss it?

Jennifer Lopez has fallen... but no worries, she got up just fine.Jenny Lo's meaty bottom hits earth, and the whole world feels it.

Seconds after the spill, Twitter hit critical mass and Facebook statuses were changed to read something like, "JLO FELL ON HER A$$!". People wore out the instant replay button on their TiVo's, and clips were getting ripped to YouTube at breakneck speed.

Any guy or gal who's landed right on their tush knows the stinging jolt that goes through your spine, simultaneously with a red-hot wave of embarassment. And if you're super Type A Jennifer Lopez, you storm off stage and demand that this spill get pulled from the West Coast feed.

Good idea, so no one on the other side of the country can see this fumble.

Good idea, NOT! Duh, Jen. You hide that flub, and everyone's gonna wanna see it. It wasn't even that bad of a fall. Your pride was probably bruised more than your bum. Good thing she wasn't actually wearing Louboutins, coz maybe the fall coulda been worse. Gah, she woulda had the entire West Coast feed destroyed!

And now, it has made the highlights reel:

Lady Gaga, I want to make fun of her, but she is both incredibly artistic and clearly talented as a musician. Just plain old insulting her by calling her "weird" seems pretty weak.

Taylor Swift, another winner speech. How can we not love this kid? Oh, I know. If she takes a spill on the dance floor bragging about her $5000 shoes, then maybe.

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