Friday, October 2

Sesame Men

The part of slimy Peter Campbell will be played by the loveable GroverSo not to be outdone, that cutting edge show Sesame Street has tackled the riveting, Emmy-award winning Mad Men.

Yes, Sesame Street has a Mad Men parody. If you know anything at all of the show, you are probably scratching your head at how this works.


OK, so those of you who don't know what Mad Men is about, I'll look for a clip for you so you can get a sense of it, but basically, it's a show about that whiskey-swilling, chauvinistic, cigarette-smoking era where the drama is propelled by corporate backstabbing, rampant infidelity, and thinly veiled racism.

Great idea, Sesame Street.

Now when Mommy & Daddy are sitting down to see who Don Draper is banging today, the kids will want to watch too because they've seen the version with Guy Smiley playing the tortured and conflicted protagonist. Nice going.

Well, I didn't do so good in finding a quickie Mad Men recap to share, but I did find this PG-13 parody, that actually kinda explains it best.

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