Thursday, October 1

New Meaning to the phrase "Handlebar Mustache"

OK, maybe a little George Michael-esque five o'clock shadow's ok by me, but this is ridiculous:

If he twirled it ominously, then he's obviously the guy that tied that girl up to the traintracks.  It's a fact.
"Frenchman Herve Diebolt, a participant of the international World Beard and Moustache Championships smiles in Gruendau near Frankfurt September 19, 2009. Over 160 participants compete in 17 categories of beard and moustache styles.

I have to admit, I do have a secret affinity with discussing the merits of The Mustache, it is often a subject that Newman and I occasionally get into when we're not discussing world peace and the national deficit.

Check out his latest manifesto on the mustache: Newman's endorsement of The Fake Mustache

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