Monday, October 26

I Bet Da Vinci Couldn't Tackle A Rubik's Cube

Don't Get A Hobby Or Anything --

I was just watching a thing on one of them history/art 'n crafts/home improvement channels about how Da Vinci was behind some of the biggest art-meets-religion hoaxes like the Shroud of Turin.... The guy seems so fascinatingly brilliant and yet crazy.

There is a part of me that likes to think that items of modern entertainment would have frustrated him endlessly. I think he might've been a genius, but I think he would've been bested by the Rubik's Cube. I imagine him repainting all the sides instead of simply peeling off the stickers.

Peeling off the stickers and moving them around on the Rubik's Cube was the tactic lesser people employed.

Lesser people, like me. Gah, still hate you Rubik's Cube.

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