Monday, October 26

Flu Shot ... a step in the wrong direction (literally)??

Desiree JenningsI don't know whether to laugh or cry -- such a crazy TRUE story...

This girl getting the flu shot and now she (wait for it) ... walks backwards.

Beautiful girl, in training to be a Washington Redskins cheerleader, and ten days after getting the flu shot, this:

OK, I'm not trying to be funny... but what the heck is she gonna do next year if she does get the flu?

(Oh my goodness, terrible terrible jokes are brewing somewhere in my cortex. Knock it off, brain. You just knock it off this minute!!)


  1. This is crazy and so sad. Almost looks fake when she is running just fine. How is that even possible??

  2. This is sad! Don't let that discourage you from getting EITHER flu shot, especially for your children! My 4 y.o. son had H1N1 and RSV at the same time and was hospitalized for 3 days. We were very lucky. He has was born premature and received 2 yrs of injections to prevent the RSV, which is why he got it at 4. He has asthma and being 4 is automatically in the "high risk" for H1N1. I was on the fence about allowing my 5 children to get the H1N1 vaccine after our recent experience, the risks outweigh the benefits bar none! Get your shots!!!!