Monday, October 26

Housewives Desperate For a Shot in The Arm

Well, the TiVo was totally misbehaving last night by not taping my shows, so it got a time out (while I try and catch up online).

Meanwhile, I did check out this Desperate Housewives clip (which was a def spoiler, but at least it seemed entertaining enough that I might actually be interested in watching DH this week. Hasn't it been a total snore-fest this season??)

Finally, a shoot out on Wisteria Lane.

Don't quit your day job... bc I still love you on my soap!!Susan wielding a gun and someone actually getting shot was definitely the figurative shot-in-the-arm that this show needed.

And shouts to Tuc Watkins -- the actor who plays gay lawyer Bob. He's doing double-duty also playing silly yet charming David Vickers on One Life To Live at the same time. And brilliantly pulling off this failed-Buddhist-slash-adorable scoundrel who is so the anthesis of responsible, no-nonsense Bob. Plus he's hot.

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