Monday, October 5

Arrested Development: The Movie

GOB: Let me ask you something. Is this a business decision, or is it personal? 'Cause if it's business I'll go away happily. But if it's personal, I'll go away... but I won't be happy.  MICHAEL: It's personal. I feel like a person in the waiting room of a hospital, waiting to hear the verdict, and I've just heard those magic words, "He's gonna make it."

In this case, the "he" being Arrested Development (the show) finally being brought to the big screen.

It's been in talks for so long, but finally today, word that a script is actually being scripted, which means filming can start in the Spring.


So if you've got a few minutes, and never really got a chance to see what all the hubbub was about with this show, take a gander here. The humor takes a little getting used to, but I know plenty of you out there are probably as naturally demented as I am, and will love it from the get-go.

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  1. It looks funny:) N yes..i consider myself naturally crAzy it looks fun to watch!!!:)