Tuesday, October 6

If Penelope Cruz has a tummy, so what?

Penelope Cruz seen getting into a vehicle.  Ergo, she must be pregnant.So word is that congrats are in order for Penelope Cruz and her Vicky Cristina Barthelona co-star Javier Bardem.

Supposingly, the pair are engaged because supposably she is four months pregnant!

Apparently this has been the buzz because when she was last seen on the red-carpet she was supposively sporting some bit of a belly bump.

You be the judge:

OMG.  So fat.  She must be pregnant.OK, if it's a baby in there, congrats! At least you're not carrying a potential couch-jumping Scientologist.

But if it's not a baby, lay off, people!! So what she's got a bit of a tum-tum... like everybody else for Godssakes!! Viva Penelope, she's normal!!

And yes, I know the word is supposedly.

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