Monday, October 5

I Know Why Jon Gosselin Needs $200K

Jon stole money from Kate?!!!




Penalty is spelled with an A, you dope.



  1. such a loser!

  2. How can you call the man a loser?! His wife treated him like dirt in front of millions of viewers every week. Yes I agree he should've checked the spelling since he had to have known the sign was going to get plastered all over the internet, but still. The man is within his rights as a parent to not want film crews around glorifying his wife that treated him like a jerk. "Oh poor Kate, dealing with 8 kids alone" PUH-LEASE!! Yes having 8 kids is enourmously stressful but it doesn't give you the right to treat your hubbie like a second class citizen. Leave the family alone and let them heal in peace.

  3. Oh, Anonymous, you're taking it personally. Whether it be her treating him "like dirt" or him rolling his eyes at her on national TV (which he did), or either of them showing up on the morning news every other day... they are responsible for making any and all of their business public. I agree that she treated him like a second class citizen on occasion, but he was equally disrespectful to her on occasion as well. If we're really to "feel bad" for Jon, then he should conduct all his public business in as tip-top shape as possible, especially if his goal is to fade into the background and not be scrutinized or criticized by the public. Letting them "heal in peace" as you put it, is them staying OUT of the limelight, and us NOT addressing it.

    So, thank you for replying and stretching this topic out just a little...bit... longer....

  4. LOL I guess you're right. I'm just so tired of hearing all about it. They really need to just stay out of the limelight in order to heal, but unfortunately its not that easy when people are hounding you day and night seeking the latest thing to gossip about. Ah well. Thanks for writing back :)