Wednesday, September 23

When Gorgeous Girls Wear Ugly Dresses

When it happened on the red carpet at the Emmy's, I thought, this was to be expected. But then I was enjoying a juicy episode of 90210 last night when I witnessed another fashion tragedy that threatened to ruin my night.

Twice in one week... is this becoming a trend?? Beautiful women clad in ugly threads??

First, check out soap star Victoria Rowell's "statement-dress" at the Emmy's:

Obama himself might outlaw this dress.

I am all for making a statement.

And I am all for the statement Vic is trying to make here.

But dang, girl! Why all over your beautiful threads?! Whooo... quite the opposite of subtle! And the worst part, it's hard to make the flat-out statement that this dress is ugly because no one wants to get accused of making a political criticism if they criticize the dress. It looks like a bandanna, and I actually feel sorry for the president, that he got unknowingly dragged into this fashion crime against humanity. The Quaker Oats guy, how about him? His mug might've looked better on the dress.


Last night, the grim reaper of good taste struck again:


Ugh, way to introduce a potentially new character, people! I already dislike her bc of this awful dress! This loud piece of crap threatened to break the show.

Side thoughts on last night's episode:

Where the heck is this going with Guidance Counselor Kelly & Principal Harry. Naughty naughty. Can't screw around on Aunt Becky like that. Ew, I don't like Teddy, what a jerk. And call me stupid, I don't understand what Liam was doing (I was typing this, so I wasn't paying attention. )


  1. it looks like the 80's threw up all over that dress

  2. HAHAHAA, well put. I'm certain I had a tee-shirt that looked just like that, and it came w matching legwarmers.