Tuesday, September 22

Suri Cruise, Fashionista?

Suri rockin' the heels!So, apparently the celeb gossip world is all agog 'coz Suri Cruise was seen sportin' pink lipstick and high-heels.

OK, so a little inappropriate for a 3-year old...? But who the hell cares?? It's called "Dress-Up", people, and as far as I know, all little girls do it! Some of us were even lucky enough to have a mommy who had real high heels and makeup we could play with, much to their dismay.

In my own experience, makeup and high-heels taught me that despite my eternal ridiculous-young-looking-ness, people could someday take me seriously if I looked mature enough (appropriately mature enough, not slutty, ok?), and that with high heels, I could actually reach things on the top shelf!!

Frankly, I love the clam-shell handbag. You go, Suri, with your Fisher Price bad self.

I'm so sure now everyone will be clamoring to their local KB Toys to nab this fashion find.


  1. Toni you crack me up. I couldn't have said it better myself! Well done.

  2. Thanks LG! Frankly, I think Suri's appropriately cute for her age (and not too weird looking)... can't wait to see who she looks more like when she gets older.