Tuesday, September 22

Some things you just gotta see...

I always manage to find some fascinating stuff on PST's website, like PST Video News... where I found this gem... it's surveillance footage of a regular ol' senior citizen bank customer tackling a bank robber with the heist in progress.


YumI wish there was sound, at least just to drown out me screaming, "NO YOU DI'INT!!! DANG!!!"

But oh my goodness... lots of great angles of footage, and I love the other lady reluctantly coming in for the assist, trying to find something to help apprehend the baddie... like is she thinking "Need to grab a stapler, a highlighter, SOMETHING!" Hahaha... her final recourse, a nice swift kick.

... then like an unexpected free gift with purchase, the next video automatically popped up -- some ridiculously huge piefight. Awesome!

Thank you PST Video News, you rock.

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