Wednesday, September 23

You're a New Moon

New pics emerging from the set of "Twilight: New Moon" and now available to you, thanks to the LA Times ...

Now, I'm neither here nor there when it comes to the Twilight franchise, perhaps I am a smidge too old (I think 27 is out of the target demo), but I liked the movie, it was ok.

I think the RPattz/KStew chemistry was awesome.

I think the Ed Cullens squinty eye thing was a little outta control.

I can't take Dr. Cullen seriously when I remember he's Mr. Jennie Garth in real life and also the numbnut ER doc on Nurse Jackie.

I think Alice Cullen needs the short hair bc while the actress is prettier w long hair in real life, it makes her forgettable.

I think Billy Burke needs to get other jobs where he's not playing a cop.

So, I'm not a hater, see! I get it. But, I must confess this pic made me feel WAY different about the whole blood-sucking culture craze....


When the heck did THAT happen?????

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