Thursday, September 17

I Dropped the Bahhh

Don't worry, daddy! I'll give them their baahhh back!Well the brief if you missed it:

A lifelong Phils' fan catches a foul ball, hands it to his 3 yo future-Phanatic, and she does exactly what she thinks she's supposed to do with a ball that's thrown to you... ya throw it back.

Here is her explaining to her burgeoning paparazzi exactly what she did to elicit the classic look of shock on her dad's face:

View more news videos at:

Seriously, what's not to love?

(p.s. although I will tell you what's not cool -- it's not even been 24 hrs and you'd be hardpressed to find footage of the special moment bc the MLB apparently had nothing better to do today but scour the web and incinerate all traces of it even happening. God forbid, guys, there's any proof that your sport is America's favorite pasttime.)

(p.p.s. ok I did find a clip of infamous Catch 'n Release moment here ... see it while you can!)

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