Thursday, September 17

Um... Ernie Anastos says WHAT?!

I wanna believe I heard wrong...

PG-13 Disclaimer goes here in the category of "Language"

Blankity Blank Blank you Blankers! - says Ernie

Now don't get me wrong, I grew up watching Ernie on Channel 7. So, if this were the big Ern & I chattin', I might not think twice. But I can't be the only person who's noticed that personal censorship has gotten so so lax lately? And yes, this coming from an admittedly unabashed pottymouth.

Maybe I heard wrong?? What do you think?

And honestly what immediately concerned me actually wasn't the word itself, but what in God's name was he trying to say?? Curse word or not, that was the dumbest joke ever. Ernie, you're scaring me.

But nothing is as priceless as Dari's face! Whahahah -- that look of mortification was the real winner here.

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