Monday, August 3

Wedding Guests' Secret Gripes (from MSN)

Wedding Crime #81: Stuck at the Kids' TableSo I encountered this article on ... Secret Gripes of the Unfortunate Wedding Guest.

A topic I've long griped about and often thought of blogging about... but this article totally hit the nail on the head for me, that there was no point in me coming up with a list. Here is a gist of theirs:

Wedding Guests' Secret Gripes

You've been to a few weddings yourself, so you know there are just some things that can rub you the wrong way. Here are a few helpful reminders about what guests can't stand.

  • Your Timing Stinks (as in, Why the two hour gap between wedding event & FOOD?!)

  • You Picked a Bad Day (as in, thanks for picking Labor Day weekend)

  • You're Boring Us (as in, We love long speeches and inside jokes. Kidding.)

  • The Food Isn't Great (as in, Seriously? Swanson's?)

  • You Make Us Pay?! (as in, I flew all the way out here on my Labor Day weekend, and you're hitting me with a cash bar!!)

  • You Sat Us Here (as in, thanks for putting us in the way of the swinging kitchen door)

  • You Don't Invite a Plus-One (as in, I know I'm single, but I love feeling awkward at a wedding)

  • You Put Us to Work (as in, No you didn't just ask me to direct everyone to the coat room)

  • You Don't Say Thank You (as in, I still haven't heard back from you about that enormous cash gift. Should I assume it was stolen??)

Since I know you agree with at least two of the above nuptial infractions, feel free to add any more, or any horror stories of weddings you've endured.

Er, attended.


  1. once at a wedding i was put in charge of directing people to the coat room.. and it was the middle of july.. and i was the plus one!! ridculous!

  2. So, at my first wedding (the big one, with all the bells and whistles) we had a bomb scare right around cake-cutting time. Ours was already cut, so it didn't bother us, but the bride down the hall was pretty P-O'd when the Princeton PD started to dismantle her as-of-yet uncut cake.

    Anyway, the wedding party deduced that it was the scorned ex-girlfriend of who was to become my first ex-husband. She had not been invited to the wedding, so we chalked the bomb scare up to her being really put-off by the non-invite.

    Ah, memories!