Monday, November 17

Black Tongue? Don't Panic.

Woke up with a BLACK TONGUE today.

Ever happen to you? If it ever does, don't panic. Don't panic, mainly because I'm certain I panicked enough for an entire planetful of black tongue surprises.

Long story short: CHEWING PEPTO BISMOL TABLETS causes your tongue to be black.

I shoulda plop-plop-fizz-fizzed instead....Popped one before bed after an enormously huge meal at TJ's. Enormously huge, and enormously awesome. Overate in a way that would make Mr. WeightWathchers roll in his grave. Oh, and then I got home and started to do the gripping double wham-bam drama combo of Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters, and just started reaching into my bag of leftovers... Next thing I knew, it was 1AM and I was like trying to force a huge burp thinking to myself, "Oh my God what did I do!!?!!??!" Woke up this morning feeling right as rain. Well, at least I did until I looked in the mirror. Nearly passed out, I was so freaked out.

And don't bother asking me for the chemistry specifics, because I got a D in High School Chem. But I am bright enough to copy/paste the link to this blog where I got my answer (and also unwittingly found myself an erstwhile Black Tongue Support Group)

It's only been minutes since I got the scare of my life, but since I realized I'm not dying, now I wanna go to Disney World!!!

But first, gotta scrub off that danged tongue!!!

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