Friday, November 14

The Old List

STAY OFF MY LAWN!  KEEP THE RACKET DOWN!  (I'm practicing)I know I'm old. Here's why:

  • I have a mending basket. Stuff that needs to be stitched, buttons replaced, etc. Today I consciously noted the hole in my sock and didn't think twice about tossing it. Immediately thought, "Put it in the mending basket". Economy's not that bad, people. I own twelve more of the same sock.

  • I take sugar packets. (On occasion.)

  • I lecture little kids who are being rude and impolite in public.

  • I am knitting an afghan. Granted, I started it four years ago and it remains unfinished, but I have it. It's in the knitting basket. (Not to be confused with the mending basket)

And that's just me getting started!!! I am stopping there because I am getting myself upset. In a few minutes, I might start crying.

But at least I have that Kleenex that I tucked in my sleeve.

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