Wednesday, October 8

Call me a sadist, but I want to see a Rockette screw up.

Catching up with DWTS on my Tivo... and there it is: The Rockettes scare me a little bit. Well, a LOT, actually.

Stepford Wives hit the dance floor.  Better than Michael Flatley & that pesky River DanceIt's like freaking me out coz they are all the exact same height, same exact leg length, same eerie smile, and they all kick at the exact same angle. Kinda reminds me of the united colors of Barbie. There was the black Barbie, the Hawaiian Barbie, the eskimo Barbie, all looking exactly like ... Barbie. It's freaky in that Barbie-meets-Stepford-Wives way.

So, I'm watching carefully because I want one of them to screw up. Like big time.

And seriously, Samantha Harris is slowly spiralling out of control. Why is she trying to make up her own dialogue? Samantha, for godssakes, please stick with the script you silly girl! People are paid good money to give you words to say, just please read the cue cards and stop inflicting this torture on your fellow Americans!!!


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