Tuesday, October 7

Billy Needs His Math Homework

Well... now that I've waited this long to ruminate over this, I'm sure it's too late, and tomorrow morning somewhere out there, Billy is totally screwed.

What do you when you get wrong number messages left on your machine? I've gotten Jennifer's dermatologist confirming her next appointment, Liz saying that mom is still mad, and and... Mike! Mikey, where you at?

I actually felt bad that this one doctor's office kept calling and calling and calling. I finally called them back and said, "Marjorie Lo Bianco hasn't rescheduled her pap smear because you keep calling the wrong number. I just wanted to tell you guys."

Otherwise, I usually don't bother.

But today: "Hi Tyler, it's Billy. Um, can you call me back? I need the math homework."

Hmm. Now that I have Caller ID, I can actually do my unsolicited acts of Good Samaritanishness. Do I call Billy? Do I not call Billy? Don't get parents get super-missish these days if some adult strangers calls up their kid?

What to do? What to do?

Haha, so of course, I started watching Making the Band and now Billy is probably in bed. Poor kid. Wonder if he ever got his math homework.

I shoulda called, huh?

Ooops. Well c'mon. If the kid can't even get a phone number down correctly, he's got bigger problems than math, right?!

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