Friday, October 3

As Seen In Your Kitchen!

Please? Please... pretty please?

Can we please talk about the Sham-Wow nutjob?

And if you have idea who I speak of, take a quick refresher look-see right here:

I hear if you accidentally consume one, it will absorb all of your bodily fluid and you could die from dehydration.Aaah, yes, you think. That guy. He makes me want to hate this product that I secretly want to love.

Does anyone have these? Is that German technology so amazing it will put Americans to shame with this infinite absorbency and capacity to soak up eleven pounds of spilled soda, doggie vomit, and a 200 square-foot flooded basement?

Just curious if it's really up to snuff.

Yeah, I know. I'm an television shopping junkie. Big-time. I've been HSN & QVC clean for at least 10 months since the Dyson vaccum debacle of 2008 got my shopping privileges suspended. If I want Joy Mangano's Huggable Hangers, I have to get them off the black-market now. It's very sad, and yes I'm ashamed.

But my entry-level television-shopping drug of choice is always the classic infomercial, going as far back as the era of Time-Life Books Recordings and Hooked on Classics ("Available on record or 8-track!"). So, obviously I've got a bunch of stuff on my wish list.

Also want to know about:


They're lids.

... and Pasta Express.

Because boiling pasta is so hard.....
Boiling water might be challenging to some, and apparently placing pasta in aforementioned boiling water is also as daunting a task, so thank goodness for the clever cylindrical plastic thing (with LID, no less!!!) that will bring ease to pasta lovers world wide. Want to know if this works.

ShamWow guy sends his love.

He scares me

That's all. Thanks in advance.

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