Wednesday, October 8

Health Insurance Should Come With a Mental Health Discount

...'Coz all the stress I get out of dealing with the insurance company is just creating a whole bevy of psychological problems that are likely not covered by said insurance company. Honestly, I am convinced the health insurance industry is out to confound and mesmerize you with terminology and systems that were not meant to be fully understood by any intelligent adult. It frustrates the heck out of me, and I got a 1210 on the SAT's (The old SAT's. I'm no dummy.)

I wonder what would happen if I sent them a bill for a shrink. Nine weeks later, I'd get this itty bitty reimbursement check with a note saying "Here's $11 back on the $150 you spent on psychological evaluations."

I plan on taking a big fat marker and writing "YOU CAUSED ME TO BE CRAZY, SO KINDLY SEND THE BALANCE OF $139". Like right across the check stub. (I'd cash the check, of course. Eleven bucks is eleven bucks.)

Ya think that'd work? I doubt anyone's tried, so I'll let you know how it goes.

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