Monday, September 28

You Belong to Taylor Swift, you shiny VMA you.

Hi, I'm Taylor Swift.  You may know me best from Kanye-gate 2009, but aside from just being your average pretty girl, I can also sing and play guitar all at the same time too!! I know this is so last week to most of us, but I think it's worth revisiting. I was listening to "You Belong To Me", the latest empowered-girl anthem from Taylor Swift, and also the song that provides soundtrack to the corresponding video that brought Kanye to his feet in a maelstrom of defiance and Beyonce-love.

For better or worse, regardless of what your individual opinions are on the matter, Taylor Swift is the 2009 winner of MTV's Video Music Award for Best Female Video.

I think we've forgotten that. And the fact that she's a starstruck teenager living our her dream, excited and optimistic the way we might be if we were in her shoes, makes the title even more exciting.

I'll admit it, I'm not a black & white Taylor Swift fan, I'm neither here nor there on the subject of pretty Southern girls who are successful singer-songwriters. But I do think she's ok. Do I like her now? Probably a little bit more. But there was something that happened that night that stayed with me, and I think in the midst of the dark cloud of Kanye this item got overlooked, and frankly I don't know if anyone who read about Kanye-gate in the stream of buzz that went on over the next week even knew that this performance happened afterwards, so I'm reposting it here...

How cool is that?
Whether or not it was pre-recorded (if it was, then it's even better) or lip-synced, pulling off this elaborate commuter-nightmare production is impressive in and of itself. Try it, it's fun!

Taylor Swift has the infamous "X-factor" that makes her charming, watchable, and relatable. And her ability to slalom around a crowded subway car in motion, smiling, and singing, and making it to all her camera marks on time, that's an additional talent.

People can sing, but some people can't perform.

So, years from now, I'm sure we'll only remember this latest highlight in Kanye's career, but hopefully we'll also remember this energetic little hobo in the subway.

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  1. the subway part was pre-recorded but the part with her on the taxi cab was live (i was one of the people surrounding the taxi). for her to sing that part live moments after being mortified on stage shows she has a strong backbone