Friday, September 18

Kanye'll-a let you see it...

I know, I know. Day late, dollar short.

But I still think this is funny, just a little hard to explain.

So, help me out here by clicking HERE right now ... (it's not porn)

[Hit your BACK browser if you
get trapped and can't get back]

Hahahah --- obviously, this is much funnier when it's slapped right across a Taylor Swift web page, as in here...

And now, ladies and gentleman, this year's BEST WEBSITE...
(Problem is, when you try and do this at her official site, the auto-animation kicks on pretty quick. Total buzzkill)

Wanna Kanye-bomb* your favorite sites?

This page at explains easily how you can make Kanye blatantly interrupt your internet experience.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

AND YES... I declare that I am the originator of verb "to Kanye-bomb". It is obviously the act of being Kanye West and inappropriately blurting out your opinions relating to your fame/ wealth/ talent/ position (pick one) all in a very highly visible setting. Only problem is... you have to actually be Kanye West for it to be a legitimate Kanye-bombing.

I anticipate there will be a rash of faux-Kanye-bombs in the coming months, as evidenced by this recent act of randomness.

Great. 'Coz I'm sure everyone loves to get interrupted by rude people. Just great.

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