Wednesday, September 10

My TV Cup Runneth Over

Too much television?? No such thing!Ugh, here we go again.

At the start of every new TV season, I begin to dread it... the full plate of TV-watching I have inadvertently committed myself to. Between the shows I watch for my own personal interest (Jon & Kate, One Life To Live, etc.), taking recommendations (Mad Men, Battlestar Gallactica), buying into the hype (Fringe, 90210), or because I will feel stupid at the watercooler if I miss it (Idol, Dancing with the Stars)... all that television doesn't leave much time for, well, a life.

And thank God for the Tivo, right? Except there isn't enough Real Time to actually catch up with everything I've already got stored. Type A's like myself can relate to my frustration that it will never happen. We will always be at least 2 days behind the rest of the world just trying to keep up and never able to empty the damn thing out!! And now that I have signed myself back up for a soap opera addiction, there is no way I will ever see "0% Memory Used". (Special thanks to Justin My Actor Friend for his coming sojourn on One Life to Live... Be watching on ABC! Weekdays 2PM EST!) I feel like keeping the Tivo at 57% capacity is a huge accomplishment... at least there's room to keep recording! I've even resorted to recording some shows in (brace yourself) ... non-HD, to maximize my storage space. I've also given up on some shows and resort to catching up online. How sad.

So, now you know what my deal is, I'll tell you what I'm watching (and will be watching), and you tell me what you're watching. If you have any recommendations, I'd love hear to why I should be watching even though I have no more room on my plate.

Currently on deck: Jon & Kate, Designed to Sell, What Not To Wear, Keeping Up W/ Kardashian's Butt , Making the Band, Ace of Cakes, Three Sheets, Regis & Kelly, Nigella Eats, American Idol, Dancing w the Stars, Extreme Home Makeover, Arrested Development re-runs, How I Met Your Mother, My Boys, Chuck, Samantha Who, Prison Break, House, Lost, Heroes, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, 90210, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Mad Men, The Riches, Battlestar Gallactica

On the cusp of making the cut: Fringe, The Bonnie Hunt Show, 30 Rock (yes, I'm contemplating doing the work it takes to get caught up), My Own Worst Enemy (dumb name but it's Christian Slater), Pushing Daisies

And if you have opinions on these tough decisions I will have to make, please share your advice:

  • Mondays: How I Met Your Mother vs. Dancing with the Stars vs. Chuck vs. Heroes vs. Samantha Who

  • Tuesdays: 90210 vs. House vs. Dancing Results Show vs. Idol

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