Thursday, September 11

Easy-going pragmatic female in search of new non-irritating cell phone

FANCY!I'm falling out of love with my cell phone.

Anybody got any decent recommendations?

And keep in mind I don't need fancy bells and whistles... just a decent phone for regular talking use, will stand up to being held up between my shoulder and my head, and has buttons that are easy to use and weighty enough for texting. None of those puny, new-age-y, flush flat-surface keypads either. If you think the menus/buttons/functions are not user-friendly or intuitive, I also don't want to know. If it accesses the internet decently, takes pretty good pictures, and has sufficient storage, I'm listening. Speaker phone would also be good.

Oh, and I refuse to switch from Verizon.

OK, so there you go. Not such a tall order, huh?

p.s. My old cell phone doesn't know yet, so let's just keep this between us, ok?

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