Thursday, September 4

Chit-chatting about OLTL

As I mentioned a couple entries back, my friend Justin is going to be on One Life To Live in the near future, so I wanted to get caught up on the plot now. Have only watched 2 episodes, and having not seen watched this show actively in more than 20 years, I gotta admit I was a little surprised to still see people hanging around and up to the same nonsense that was going on back in like '86! (Then again in '93. Yes, I used to be somewhat of a fan.)

Just some stuff I'm still absorbing:
  • Tina Roberts looks kinda old-ish. Still can't take her seriously.

  • Jessica's split personality... omg. Anybody notice she looks like the old Jessica, or was that intentional? Kinda much bitchier than the old Jessica though, and I buy it.

  • Who was David Vickers? Wasn't that the guy Tina was in cahoots with years ago? And she names her dog after him? (side note, hope to see the David Vickers guy back on Wisteria Lane again)

  • Nice secret room. All tricked out and decorated. I hope Ty Pennington jumps out with a bullhorn.

  • Todd Manning and Marty Saybrooke WHAT? Funny how he raped her 15 years ago and now they're buddies. She's still less interesting than a dishrag. New Todd is kinda hot. Crazy. But hot.

  • Bo Buchanan is still on this show? He looks so old. Sorry, he does. Please don't tell me he has a romantic storyline and has any love scenes. He was rather handsome back in '84. Now, not so much.

Any OLTL fans?? Please fill me in on stuff I need to know. I've only gathered all that in the last two days.

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