Thursday, September 4

Today in the PST LIVE LOUNGE...

I've gotta admit it, here's what cool about working here: live artists that come by for a visit and do small studio performances for us.

In the past, it was like this neat little insider thing where you'd either have to already be here or get invited, and now, we can broadcast these mini-shows live online. Between the cool "performance palace" we've got in the studio next door and the power of the webcam, we've got some pretty cool stuff going on here lately...

Me & Thriving Ivory... omg had I known these cool rock guys were coming, I wouldn't have dressed like some chaste suburban rah-rah-girl.  Or I woulda just wore black.Case in point... today Thriving Ivory came by. Their vid for "Angels on the Moon" is being featured on VH1's Top 20... and they just performed it for ME live not even 15 min ago. OK, so it wasn't just for me, but I'd like to think it was!!!

Anyhoo... the whole thing was being broadcast live right through, and I bet you didn't even know it...

SO! I am just gently reminding you to always check

Right on the front page of the site, we'll post info if we have artists coming by. And it'll likely look like the one we had posted today:

This is what it looks like -- so keep your eyes open for messages like this!

But no worries, we also had vid footage posted in PST's On Demand Media Center online, so you can still watch it at your leisure.

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