Wednesday, July 9

You're know you're a Metrosexual if...

I'm Kanye and I'm a metrosexual.  Now stop pissing me off!!The Top 10 Metrosexuals in Music have been outted, and Kanye tops the list:

10. LL Cool J
9. Usher
8. Timbaland
7. Justin Timberlake
6. The Jonas Brothers
5. Jon Bon Jovi (his hair is way too pretty sometimes)
4. Sean Puff Daddy Diddy P Diddy Sean John Combs
3. Zac Efron
2. Jay-Z
1. Kanye West

At first I scoffed. LL Cool J?! I mean come on! Ladies love Cool James because he's so manly and charming and so well-dressed and stylish and well-groomed and ... oh. OK, I get it. I think we all get so caught up in the term metrosexual being a bad thing that we lose sight of it just being the most precise way of describing half the men we know.

You know those lists, the ones that go "You know you're a [fill-in-the-blank] if you...." and always show up in your inbox? It dawns on me that I have yet to see one of those lists about metrosexuals.

So let's start one. You know you're a metrosexual if...

  • You're getting a mani and a pedi.
  • You know what a mani and a pedi are, and that's actually what you call them
  • The thought of going to a barber and/or paying anything under fifteen bucks for a haircut would be inconceivable
  • You think Adam Levine from Maroon 5 is the man!!

... hahah!! OK, some list. LOL. HELP!

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  1. Here's what we think...
    1. If a guy takes longer to get ready than his girlfriend
    2. If he takes a while to to do his hair and doesn't want people to touch it
    3. If he matches his shoes to his outfit
    4. If he knows his designers
    5. If he goes tanning